by Sepan Zakarian
April 20, 2012
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After planning for about two months for this event and having to go through a lot of steps to assure that everyone enjoys themselves at the meet April 15th had arrived and we were ecstatic to see everyone. When I arrived at the dealer in the morning to set up some small things including the cones on the street to make sure that everyone can park on the street. Around 10Am I started seeing cars pulling up and for a second I thought I was late or my watch was off. I was surprised to see people roll up so early but happy, after getting a couple of vehicles in I set off to finish setting up some goodies to give away. In the mean time I sent out my FX to get its new wheels installed, unfortunately no shop in the area wanted to touch the wheels or even consider do it. Yeah yeah I was heart struck and a little bummed but I knew that I was not going to let it get me down!. We were anticipating a lot of cars but we were not anticipating that the street and lot would get filled up so fast that people would park on the other side of the street. I would like to send a special thank you to the city of Glendale and the Glendale Police Department and its officers. The officers assisted us in many ways by making sure no one would act a fool and also helping us with the traffic. As I was walking around I noticed that the Officers even enjoyed looking at some of the cars. INFEST and I myself would like to thank all the vendors and all its supporters that came out to show their support. Thank you to MPC Forged Wheels, JDM Sport and everyone else that was there. Thank you to everyone else that showed up to show their support and show off their ride. We will be working on another one coming soon keep an eye out on our facebook also make sure to like Glendale Nissan’s Also a very big special thank you to DJ BRANDON WISH! for playing some of the hottest tracks out there!.

Thank you

Sepan | FXP

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