by Sepan Zakarian
January 27, 2013
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The launch of the new Q50 (G37) had us on our toes as to what Infiniti would be doing next whether it was the body or the engine. After following the story’s that Infiniti would deliberately leak and announce we were at the point of total happiness. I myself was considering of even picking one up as soon they would release the vehicle to the public. The shocking news came as soon as some of the new Q50 photos were leaked that the new Q50 Sedan would NOT have a 6mt transmission. To us that is a total low blow and a shock to the community of Infiniti lovers. What we can confirm is that so far the Coupe is still being considered for a 6mt transmission.  The new body is something that I am sure I can say easily that we have to get used to, to some of us its something that is going to have to grow on us. With the announcement came the new drive settings where you can choose the suspension settings and the steering settings, well we have a question for Infiniti with that being said how much feel of the road are we going to lose with this new steering system. I have been a long time Infiniti fanatic and love the styling and of course lets not forget the power and handling that the vehicle comes with.

Infiniti has always been on top of the game with new styling and the standard horsepower the vehicle comes with. With the announcement of the new Q50 we were surprised that vehicle will not have a different engine or any upgraded power “Why Infiniti WHY!”. After having this model for such a long time with all its specifications don’t you think that it is time for an upgrade to the engine?.

   With the revisions to the Infiniti Line up some speculate that the naming strategy will drop the value of the current G37. We don’t think so the reason being that this model is the last model before the Q50 comes out dealerships or Ma & Pa shops will be looking to purchase or take back G37 model vehicles specifically G37S 6MT models since they will be rare and scarce to come by. This might just a stunt by Infiniti to see that the market feels without their manual transmission with only 8% customer base on the manual transmission Infiniti believe that there is not a big market for that vehicle. (Our personal opinion) “well Infiniti you have manage to irritate a big number of fans and current customers with your decision.”

The new Q50 also will be coming out with a Hybrid producing 350hp you call this Performance with a Personal touch?. If you truly start thinking in regards to Performance with a Personal Touch you will see that a lot of your fan base through out the world is outraged that you would put a Hybrid version and take out one of the most loved models 6mt transmission. Lets not take into fact its a small customer base if that maybe so why would you want to lose this customer base to another market?. BMW with their new 4 series launch and still keeping their current transmission base models as a Manual Transmission and still offering Automatic our current 6mt customers will be forced to look for something new.

Here is a small revision that was posted on

  • All-new model sets the fresh design, performance and technology direction for new generation of Infiniti vehicles and brand
  • Choice of powertrains for United States launch includes 3.7-liter V6 and 3.5-liter Hybrid; other powertrains to be added as part of global market launch rollout
  • Offers world’s first technologies designed to enhance the driving experience, including Direct Adaptive Steering and Active Lane Control
  • Fully customizable digital environment for linking various driver settings and driving characteristics to i-Key
  • Infiniti InTouch™ next-gen smart connectivity features dual touch-screens and an array of advanced functions, features and custom apps
  • On sale in North America beginning summer 2013

Building on Infiniti’s legendary sports sedan design, performance and technology leadership, the all-new 2014 Infiniti Q50 is designed to create a new, distinct level of customer engagement when it launches in the North American market in summer 2013. The Q50 rollout will be followed by other Infiniti global markets later in the year.

I hope that Infiniti comes out with a new solution to this or reconsider the idea of not having a 6mt transmission in the new Q50, We believe with the new Q50 the customer base with the 6mt will be larger than it has been with G37. Also hoping that the 2014 model will bring a new engine now there are rumors that were announced that Infiniti has been thinking of a twin turbo engine for the Q50 well we will tell you this from a source that we can not name that the Infiniti M37 which also has the M35 hybrid will be redesigned with a Twin Turbo engine “I can not at this point confirm the rumors but Infiniti has been working with this idea for the past year”. That being said Infiniti with its current model JX35 will be re visioned to Qx60 also has a new 4 cylinder engine coming out with a supercharged hybrid engine “crazy right” why put out a 4 cylinder supercharged engine when you should be focused on making your “Infiniti Performance Line” model vehicles more powerful. It seems like that Infiniti is working backwards is not listening to the people. You have a G37 IPL that only produces 20 more horsepower than the base model and honestly speaking you cant even tell the difference when you compare the two because the car is so heavy.

This message is for Infiniti, Start listening to your customer base more and start working on your current performance vehicles more often rather than super charging a big vehicle such as the JX that does not need it.

That is all.002-2014-infiniti-q50-1358178420-opt

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