by Sepan Zakarian
June 15, 2013
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Let me first of all start by saying just because I am a Infiniti fan does not by any way shape or form change my judgement or opinion on the Infiniti Q50s. I had the opportunity of test driving the Infiniti Q50s and also test drive the BMW 328i turbo. The BMW 328i is a great car at an MSRP of $55k and the Infiniti Q50s at a MSRP of $54k a fair comparison in the market value between the two. The BMW does have a great pick up and also a clean design in the interior category although it does lack the change that it desperately needs from the old BMW interface of radio display and layout. I felt that the car needed a major interior change because BMW tends to usually focus on the exterior of the vehicle far more than the interior. The Q50s has the automatic telescoping steering wheel interface where the BMW is still manual, come on really? if your in the market for a $55k budget car the least you can do is add the automatic telescopic steering wheel. One major factor I liked in the BMW is the over head display even though I did not like the Navigation layout on top of the dash it seemed that whoever designed the layout just got lazy and said throw it on the top. The Q50s overall design is elegant and unique the distinctive lines on the car just symbolize the Infiniti brush strokes. We all know that Infiniti loves including their art in all their commercials and in this case the form of their art is expressed through the distinct lines in the Q50s. 9

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The biggest difference in the two vehicles was the pick up, the BMW had a slow pick up although once you reached 4,000rpm the car was just a smooth glide. The cornering and acceleration after that was great but once you came to a stop the engine would turn off. I felt that this was a nuisance not only to the performance of the vehicle and the concern of the long term of the engine wear and tear. If I am getting into a performance vehicle I do not want to constantly hit the switch to turn off this feature every time I start the car, what happened to “the ultimate driving machine”. The AWD system on the Q50s is just brilliant along side being able to adjust all the drive settings to your personal preferences from steering to suspension. The steering at highest setting was responsive to touch at high speeds the steering became even more responsive and adjusted to the speeds. The suspension was also great I did not feel every single bump and dip or pot hole on the streets like in the BMW.


The overall quality on the Infiniti InTouch system is a great concept along side application integration such as pandora, facebook, twitter and more the vehicle becomes more intelligent than your average BMW out there. Now yes we know a lot of you out there are upset that Infiniti is not bringing out the 6mt in this model keep in they have not said that they wont in the future. I believe the 6mt market is still significant for them to consider it in the future. The InTouch system also allows you to customize your Q50s to your liking from presets in XM to your every day driving. The navigation system is revamped and more responsive, the graphics are also enhanced to the point where you automatically can tell the difference once you start using the system for searching your nearby starbucks.


We know, we know its still a 3.7 V6 but its got more umph now. Lets all be honest we always complain about that little lag before the rpm shoots up, well wait till you get to test drive this bad boy. We honestly can say this is a car that will set the stepping stone for other makes it will change how we have looked at Infiniti and all its models, we hope that in the near future Infiniti will come out with the 6mt that we all enjoy.

This model that we test drove also included Distance Control Assist (DCA) Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and more. The technology package has been an awesome integration to Infiniti and with the option to select the option that you like most such as having LDW on constantly and having DCA off because we all know that at times it can get annoying. The Technology system is much smarter than previous models, oh also did we forget to mention that the vehicle also has around view camera system!. How many of us have asked for front sensors? especially those of us that always slam our cars to the ground, well along side the around view camera we also now have front Sensors! about time.

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We hope that you enjoyed our write up we will bring our second portion of our test drive this weekend where we go deeper into the technology system with Infiniti InTouch.

– Sepan