Infiniti to Incorporate Their “Road Hazard Toys” into Current Models

Infiniti to Incorporate Their “Road Hazard Toys” into Current Models

by Sepan Zakarian
February 14, 2012
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Infiniti is attempting to cut the number of critical and life threatening injuries from accidents involving Infiniti vehicles in Japan by the year 2015 compared with the year 1995. They have been working non stop to to produce safer vehicles on the road.

Infiniti has named this program Safety Shield as a program designed and committed to producing safer vehicles. Infiniti vehicles activate different sensors according to which safety incident that occurs. This includes everyday driving, to accidents or pending collisions, to provide continuous support to prevent those accidents and alert the driver.

I have a part of these safety features in my 2009 Infiniti FX35. After owning it for a couple of years now, my favorite Safety Shield feature continues to be Distance Control Assist (DCA). An industry first from Infiniti, the car has a sensor mounted on the front of the bumper. When activated in stop and go traffic, the FX will detect a car that’s driving in front of you, and will help keep a safe distance between that car. This is carried out by assisting the driver of pushing up on the accelerator pedal, and another electric actuator actually pushes down on the brake pedal to reduce vehicle speed. You’ll actually see the accelerator and gas pedal move by themselves. No one else does this!