by Sepan Zakarian
June 5, 2013
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A story can never be told the same way as it is told once. We always find ways to change stories around us to make it more interesting or to change the ending and sometimes add a foe or a hero. So in this story we will let Jorge tell his story in his own words.

Hello my name is Jorge, I got my G37 back in June of 2010 it had not even been 6 months and I remember already lowering it on springs. I liked the look but since everyone was getting coils and seeing them super low to the ground I decided to save up money for coils of my own. Once I had saved enough money for coils I wanted wheels, Since I had already started to save the money for coils my parents had offered to get my wheels for me. I chose to go with ISS Forged wheels June of last year, I rocked that set up for a few months, I ended up getting into an accident and having to fix the side of car so I had the rear panels widened to fit bigger wheels. I chose to repaint the whole car and after I got it back I rode the same set up for about 3 more months. I was thinking of selling my wheels to change out to another set up unfortunately it didnt happen because I broke my subframe while coming back home from a friends home, in the process of the incident I bent two of the front wheels. Since this ended up happening I decided to go all out on my next set up and do something that no one had seen before on a Infiniti G37 so I ended up doing the setup I have right now. I still have a lot of plans for the car in the near future. I just wanted to thank my parents, Slammered-INC, ISS Forged and all my friends which are to many to name haha! My car would be where its at if it wasn’t for them.

1                                      Photography by: Robbie Effron Exclusively for                                Well told Jorge, We will be keeping an eye on your car for future mods. This is one G37s that will be coming back to us in the near future.

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Bc BR Racing coilovers
Spc f/r camber kits
Stillen high flow cats
Iss forged F-10 R Jedi white
19×11 et: -xx 19×12 et: -xx 235/35/19, 255/35/19

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