Moscow on a whole different ball game.

Moscow on a whole different ball game.

by Sepan Zakarian
February 14, 2012
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A great article written by our very good friend Alexander GenDirector from Moscow Russia. We would recommend using the google translator to read this article.

It seems that Russia is taking Infiniti modifications to a whole different level. Every year Russia seems to come out with the hottest and newest modifications for all Infiniti models. The FX has a total different look and aggressive stance. The G now has dual quad tip exhaust that is taking our breath away. We have seen some major modifications but nothing like this before where the dealers sell these vehicles as a trim level model. It comes to make us wonder if the North America Nissan/Infiniti is going to jump on this project. We’ve seen Nissan and Infiniti in the America’s do some other projects but nothing that dealers have accommodate for sale. Is this going to be a different ball game for us as well?.

here is the link to the article Moscow Russia Infiniti


Here is a closer look at Alexander GenDirector’s FX35

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