NY BLUES : Phenomenal

NY BLUES : Phenomenal

by Sepan Zakarian
March 21, 2012
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The owner of this blue beast is Kenny Chan out of New York. First question that popped into our head when we saw this FX50 was, “why blue”?. If you guys remember couple of weeks ago we did a story on the Blue Eraser out of Moscow Russia and naturally Kenny answered, “I see it all the time over seas and wanted to do something different in the States”. It is totally understandable that wanting to stand out and be different is natural in everyone’s minds. This beast is sitting on 22″ and Kenny recently ran his car with them on the track at 13.5. When you look at this blue beast you’d think wow what a great paint job right?, well guess again. This is a full wrap done by Phenomenal  out in New York, our hats off to them for a job well done!. Also a great big hand to Saion Photography for his amazing work. More to come on Kenny’s car in the future including a full feature on his Infiniti M coming soon!. Here is a link to Phenomenal Facebook page click here