ONEighty G37

ONEighty G37

by Sepan Zakarian
December 7, 2012

Even as a kid, I always liked to be different. Built my own computers, go-peds and bicycles. Everything had to be a certain color, a specific model, and with my own taste. As I got older, cars became my passion and modifying them became my pleasure.

Coming from owning a 2003 Infiniti G35 sedan, I had the modifications planned for my G37 months before I even got the car. My G35 was built very unique, with a world’s first coupe front-end conversion, custom headlights, mild widebody, every bolt-on, chrome Rotora BBK, and concave wheels before they became popular. My only regret was not getting the car with a manual transmission, so I never bothered putting on a turbo-kit I purchased only to sell it right back and decide to sell the car.

I picked up my 2011 Infiniti G37 6MT sedan in August of 2011 and can easily say I didn’t see another one like mine in Brooklyn for many months to come. Around here, there are a TON of G37s, they are as common as Accords and Camrys. But they all look the same, they are all awd models, and most owners are scared to mod them because they are leased. The 6MT version feels like a totally different car and I had to make mine stand out from the rest.

I began by getting rid of all the chrome on the car, painting it gloss black or matte graphite shadow (one of my accent colors). Dropped the car on H&R springs, put on sway and strut bars, full exhaust with high flow cats and intake. The roof I wrapped in black alligator vinyl which looks black from far away but up close the texture is sick. That held me over winter until Spring 2012 came and I got the first set of Infiniti fitment Avant Garde M550 19″ concave wheels in the US. Wish they were available in a wider size but I made it work with a stretched tire and wheel spacers. Yes they look like CV3s from a distance, but I didn’t want to go 20″ and have Vossens like half the Gs in my area.

The rear-end is the most custom part of my whole car. I cut the taillights open to paint them black on the inside and modified the LEDs for a meaner look, instead of the stock full circles. For the trunk, I bought a used one from a salvage yard and with help from a friend in a body shop we built an extended lip like a duckbill, integrating the original back-up camera and button. The bumper was replaced with a 2007-09 model because it’s a nicer shape. I got an Autokitsx diffuser, modified and fiberglassed it to accommodate my custom quad tips.

As for the front of the car, the grille was made emblemless with a little bit of plastic welding and fiberglass. With the help of my co-workers at ONEighty, we painted and modified the headlights. Changing our original Iron-Man LED design, I called this setup the Evil Iron-Man. We added orange accents (Audi TT-RS paint) and the car was ready.

This is my only car and it’s a daily driver. I drive it all over New York City, I drive it hard, but I keep it clean and take care good care of it. Did I mention my lease is up in 9 months? LOL




Avant Garde M550 19″ x 9.5″ rims (painted matte Graphite Shadow)
Hankook V12 225/40/19 tires

Hotchkis sway bars
ONEighty strut bar
H&R springs (KW V3 coilovers coming soon)

OEM Sport brakes painted orange
Stoptech drilled/slotted rotors
Stoptech brake pads


Takeda cold air intake
Ark Performance cat-back exhaust (custom quad tips)
Ark Performance high flow cats


Custom steering wheel with suede handles and thicker padding
Luce Produkt full interior LED bulbs
Orange sunglasses 😉


Emblemless grille painted gloss black and matte Graphite Shadow
Fog light rings painted matte Graphite Shadow
Custom ONEighty headlights, painted matte Graphite Shadow and orange
Svet Lighting fog 5000K HID kit
Roof wrapped in black alligator vinyl
Window trim painted gloss black
35% window tint
Inside of side mirrors painted orange
Custom duckbill trunk
07-09 OEM rear bumper
Modified Autokitsx rear diffuser
Custom taillights painted black inside

4 Responses

  1. Russ

    December 7, 2012, 11:04:27

    DEF HANDS DOWN A “ONEighty promo car” sick work Alex .

  2. Rochester

    December 9, 2012, 19:08:36

    Damn… this reads like you and I were separated at birth, but where you’ve got way more time and money for your hobby than I do.

    I also have a 2011 Moonlight White G37S Sedan 6MT, and one that I planned on for years, modifying slowly in my head long before buying it. It seems you’ve done everything in your first year, whereas I’m in for the long haul, small to larger mods year over year.

    Anyway, wow… impressive work. I totally approve.

  3. Rochester

    December 9, 2012, 19:18:32

    Totally digging that line of amber/orange in your headlamps. Is that inside or out. (I’m guessing in.)

    Have you considered amber/orange tint over your fogs? I did that this summer on my MW Sedan, and loving it.

  4. 6mtg37s

    December 18, 2012, 00:49:28

    Possibly the best looking G! I really love what you did to it, this is exactly how I would fix mine up!


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