Slammered G37 Project

Slammered G37 Project

by Sepan Zakarian
February 21, 2012
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Recently while viewing some of our friends facebook page and affiliates page we can across this G37. Naturally we decided to get some images off this bad boy. This G37 by far looks one of the meanest and cleanest G coupes we have seen yet.  They decided to go with Bc custom custom spec coilovers for suspension and from what we see it looks good. As far as the wheels they went with Iss rx10 20″ step lip F 20×10 +18 R 20×11.5 +25, gotta say they do look very good on this coupe. We will be keeping a close eye on Slammered Inc. to see if they have any other projects coming out on Nissan’s or Infiniti’s. If the pictures do not do justice check out this video by clicking here.