The Begining of the future of INFEST

The Begining of the future of INFEST

by Sepan Zakarian
February 25, 2012
Glendale Nissan/Infiniti
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Yes our community (forum) has been down for some time now. INFEST and its affiliates are working to bring back its name and its statue back to life. We have been working with some big names including Nissan to better our community and server statuses. By the end of March INFEST is expecting to restart its community forum and bringing Godzilla back to life. We have been hard at work behind the closed doors of our offices to create something that no other community or forum has ever seen. Our meet coming up on April 15th we will be announcing some great news to our family members (members in general). We consider our members as family and try to bring the best to the experience of being in our community. This coming month and from there on INFEST be breaking barriers that will bring its members everything from Japan to the US.

We would like to thank those who stuck by us since day one and always supported us. JDM SPORT, ADVAN SPEC, MPC FORGED, NIGHT IMPORT, GLENDALE NISSAN and more. That being set we are preparing for our show and that will come as time goes. Keep an eye out on our facebook page and twitter for more news.

Once again we thank everyone including those we did not mention.