by Sepan Zakarian
December 19, 2013
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Yesterday marked the last day of our Bobs Big Boy Trophy night for the year. Ever since we moved our meet location to bobs big boy the crowds of all variety in cars have joined us from American to European!. We loved the fact that we can bring everyone together as one and show what a real community is. Our story tellers project episode 2 “The Real Story” will reveal the start of Infest and what we are all about. A lot of people have come up to us and asked us how do we join your team, Infest is not a team it is a community of enthusiasts from all varieties. We come together to show and enjoy what we do with our vehicles and our lifestyle that comes along with our vehicles. Long story short our 15 minute segment will include a lot of information that is not be missed out. We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, because come next year we will be going full speed ahead!.

Congratulations to last winners of our trophy night!.


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